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Over 200 of Your Neighbors Trust Us to Clean Their Home or Office.

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  • Cleanings are Bonded and Insured
  • Simple Flat-Rate Pricing
  • Cleaners are Background Checked and Expertly Trained

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Looking for a trustworthy cleaning company?

Welcome to Shine Naturally Cleaning, your trusted eco-friendly Seattle and Eastside cleaning service.

What Separates Us

Among the wide range of available companies in this industry, the question isn't who is the cheapest, the right question to be asking yourself is, "who is the most trustworthy?"

Sure we focus on cleaning (including our 27-hr rigorous training program), but first and foremost we focus on trust and respect.

Nearly anyone can clean a home. But will the person cleaning your home treat it and your belongings with the same respect they treat their own? That's what we strive for here at Shine Naturally Cleaning.

No, we're not the cheapest, but the reason so many of your neighbors trust us to clean their home or office on a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly basis is because of our continued commitment to a high standard of excellence and consistent service.

Your home is your sanctuary. Your office is your financial lifeblood. We know this and we respect this. Which is why we put just as much emphasis on understanding you and your needs as we do the cleaning itself.


We've discovered that poor cleaning service usually doesn't come down to poor cleaning, but often comes down to poor communication and poor logistics. We have state of the art software and equipment to ensure a smooth service process. This includes everything from our reminder system that notifies you via text of your appointment a few days in advance to our dispatch system that provides specific, detailed notes directly to the cleaning technician regarding your home cleaning needs.


Built upon 16 years of experience in the residential and commercial cleaning industry, we know from years of experience what it takes to provide quality professional cleaning services.

Health & Environmentally Conscious.

Even better, we are committed to protecting the health of our planet and the health of our clients and their families by using only house cleaning products that do not harm the environment and are not hazardous to your health.


As an independent, family owned company we are known for our personalized, high quality customer service.

In other words, we're flexible, reliable, and happy to work with you to cover your needs. At SNC, exceptional service is at the heart of our company.

Commitment to Relationships.

It's no coincidence that our clients are longstanding. We work hard to build relationships--with regular communication, ongoing quality monitoring and a dedicated team lead.

Combined with a commitment to the highest safety and health standards, the latest equipment, and attention to detail, Shine Naturally Cleaning stands apart.

Find out why over 200 of your neighbors trust us. We'd love to hear from you!

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Proudly Serving Seattle & Eastside

Over 200 of Your Neighbors Trust Us to Clean Their Home or Office.

Let Us Earn Your Trust, Too!